Monday, April 23, 2012

Latest rained out playtime!

100% Chance of gross weather on Tuesday May 8!  I know this lucky streak will end soon and we will start having our playtimes!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tuesday Slackline/AcroYoga Playtimes!

Beginning April 17, I (Scott) will be bringing my slackline kit and my acroyoga skills to Washington Park, every Tuesday.

I will be out playing, please join me for acroyoga and slacklining; show up ready for fun.  As usual, no experience necessary.

In the near future, an inversion queen will be joining us:



Site: In Washington Park, Albany   - I marked the spot on Google maps:

Day: Tuesdays (check blog for weather or scheduled cancellations).
Time:  5:30 to 7

Wear:  Comfortable flexible clothing, particularly clothes that you can go upside down in.
Bring:  Blanket or yoga mat (for the ground)
Cost:  $0, This is my opportunity to get you and all of your friends hooked!
Beginners are welcome

Cancellations will be posted on this blog the night before. If there is a freak rainstorm...just don't come
I will give advance notice on the blog if I am going to be away.

These will be relatively informal sessions.  I will generally start with some yoga-based and partner warmups, plus some strength exercises.  I will introduce new acroyoga and slackline techniques for everyone to practice.  I am a certified AcroYoga instructor but am not a trained Slackline instructor.  Fun and safe practice will be emphasized and I expect everyone to be challenged!