Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New!!!! Classes at Good Karma Studio

AcroYoga Montreal w/ Team WillCo, Cathy & Scott

Wednesday 7:15pm-8:30pm  Note the updated earlier time!!

AcroYoga - Montreal style: balance, strength, breath, flexibility, collaboration, laughs
We invite you to explore yoga as a creative, collaborative process of movement, breath and presence. In each class we will warm-up, develop communal awareness, practice new partner techniques, develop strength for partner work and take off into flight! Learning to spot and practice safely is integrated into the class so that all participants can explore new movement while feeling safe, joyous, and supported, especially when upside down!
Yoga beginners as well as those with more experience will find something new to play with.
Your bird pose will take flight!
Rediscover your roots!
Levitate your shoulderstand!
Connect your breath with others!
Partners are not necessary. Dress as you normally would for yoga, but do make sure that you won't lose your shirt when you go upside down!

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