Thursday, September 15, 2016


We'll be at Lilananda Yoga in Glenville on the afternoon of December 3rd. More details coming soon!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

AcroYoga at Heartspace in Troy

Finding your flow! This workshop challenges us to work with others, tap into our inner creative yogis and find our own movements!

Come explore yoga as a creative, collaborative process of movement, breath and presence! Find yourself hovering above the ground, floating in a supported inversion or loose yourself in space entirely. Any of these can happen! So come and invite others onto your yoga mat. Working with others will open up new possibilities, lift your yoga practice into the air and create hours of laughter.

Explore this athletic practice of AcroYoga in a workshop style class. New skills are demonstrated and students are given opportunities to explore them at their own pace, with the support of the instructors and other students. You can expect yoga, flight, games, strength building and skill development.

No AcroYoga experience? That is not a problem. Yoga experience is great; acrobatic or AcroYoga experience is not necessary!

Come fly your yoga practice with us! Partners are not required. Dress as you normally would for yoga, but do make sure that you won't lose your shirt when you go upside down!

$20 to preregister by March 31, $25 after that date.


Friday, February 5, 2016

AcroYoga at JAI!

JAI Yoga, Albany, NY

Saturday, February 13

What happens when you invite someone onto your yoga mat? Laughter, challenge, possibilities, support and more! Come discover AcroYoga with us.

AcroYoga is an exciting practice that brings together the awareness of yoga, the creativity of movement and the power of community! Parts of the class might seem familiar to you- as we draw on yoga movements and principles- with a twist (or two) and a partner (or two) thrown into the mix. We will warm up, team-up to build strength, play to un-train our minds and learn some foundational acroyoga skills and poses. We will practice the three main roles of AcroYoga –basing, flying and spotting– so that we can take off in flight safely!

This class is geared towards those those who want to try AcroYoga out for the first time or who have some experience.You do not need any yoga experience. We do a lot of work in as duos and trios, so you can bring friends but partners are not needed! 
$20 per person

Mid-Winter Slackline Workshop

Saturday, February 6, 2016, 1pm
North Bethlehem Park, Russell Rd, Bethlehem, NY

Want to learn to slackline or pick up some new skills? Can't wait until summer? We were hoping to offer this class when we had a nice big fluffy blanket of snow...since that does not look likely, we will just make do with a balmy early-February Saturday! 
This class is for all levels, from absolute beginners to those with lots of experience. It is outdoors, dress for the weather and remember that the ground is likely to be a bit soft. You probably want to wear shoes, light sneakers with thin soles are best. You may want gloves, ones that you don't mind getting a little mucky.
Cost $8

Join us and keep slacking!

Foundation of Acro Yoga

Lilananda Yoga, Glenville, NY
Saturday, January 30, 2016

Come explore yoga as a creative, collaborative process of movement, breath and presence!In this workshop we will explore the energizing practice and the foundations of Acro Yoga. We will begin with a yoga warm-up, incorporating partner work and games. We will work through a variety of AcroYoga skills and strength building exercises in teams. We will learn the three roles of AcroYoga – basing, flying and spotting. These different roles help us offer our support and receive the support of others, allowing us to push the edge of our possible! We will have opportunities to find new ways of moving and breathing with others.

Partners are not necessary, and class is geared towards beginners and advanced beginners (if you are not sure, email us!).

I’m still not sure… is acroyoga for me?If you have a yoga practice, but feel confined by your own yoga mat, come to acro!If you can hold planks and downdogs and like to laugh while doing them, acro would be a great fit.  If you like going upside down (even if it is a little daunting)… join us!Dress as you normally would for yoga, but do make sure that you won’t lose your shirt when you go upside down! Bring water and a snack.

$30 per person, registration is required.- To register or to see Catherine & Scott's bio visit:

From the class: