Interested in joining us for an AcroJam? Have Acro experience and want to practice?
Send us an email or message us on facebook and we can let you know when we will next be meeting.

Over the summer you can often find us Saturdays at the Troy Farmers' Market. Look for postings on facebook or reach out.

What is an AcroYoga jam?

A Jam is a place where you can practice your acro skills with other acroyogis. When you practice in groups you can take advantage of others to spot to make sure that your practice is safe and can excel. You can support others, by spotting for them. You can share and learn new acro moves. You can see what more advanced acroyogis are doing…and what you might look forward too. It is also a place to meet friends.

An acro jam is not an acro class. There is no formal instruction. If you have never taken an acro class, this is not the place to start. You need a foundation in order to make the most of an acro jam. Jams are not a substitute for classes.

Come to the jam with ideas of things that you have learned and would like to practice! At the start of jam we go around and share practice goals for the day!

We have thought about it for a thought that we should share. These are our top 3 for making a jam great.

#1. Always bring something to practice. Before jam time, take a minute to think about acro moves that you know and would like to practice or bring to a new level. Think of this as your offering to other jammers.

#2. Honest self assessment. We know! Acro is exciting and addictive and “I want to do what they are doing.” We do too. We also know that we will get there eventually, if we work where we are now and grow from our roots. Make sure that you work on your practice and grow your practice.
Get to know your partners, whether you are a base, flyer or spotter. This may be the first time you have worked with start slowly and build.

#3. Ask for a spot, offer a spot, make sure you know what you are spotting and how to do it.