This summer series is the perfect opportunity to pick up Slackline and AcroYoga skills! Over this 8 class series we will alternate between Slackline or AcroYoga. Come to one class or many! No prerequisites! Each session will include new skills and variations appropriate for all skill levels. Whether you are brand new or have had lots of practice, we have new skills for you to explore and train. There will be time to jam or play after each session.

All sessions will be in Washington Park, Albany off Englewood Place. At the intersection of Western and State, turn onto Englewood Place.

     $10 per session, cash.
     Come to 5, the 6th is free.

     June 7 Slackline
     June 21 AcroYoga
     July 19 Slackline
     July 26 AcroYoga
     August 9 Slackline
     August 16 AcroYoga
     August 30 Slackline
     September 6 AcroYoga
In case of rain, class cancellation will be posted the morning of on our Facebook page. You can also email us to double check!

     The 5 Principles, Feb 11th at 2:30
     Tapping into Creativity, April 8 at 2:30
     Building from Basics, June 3rd at 2:30

What happens when you invite someone onto your yoga mat? Laughter, challenge, possibilities, support and more! Come discover AcroYoga with us.

AcroYoga is an exciting practice that brings together the awareness of yoga, the creativity of movement and the power of community! Parts of the class might seem familiar to you- as we draw on yoga movements and principles- with a twist (or two) and a partner (or two) thrown into the mix. We will warm up, team-up to build strength, play to un-train our minds and learn some foundational acroyoga skills and poses. We will practice the three main roles of AcroYoga –basing, flying and spotting– so that we can take off in flight safely!

This class is geared towards those those who want to try AcroYoga out for the first time or who have some experience.You do not need any yoga experience. We do a lot of work in as duos and trios, so you can bring friends but partners are not needed!

Beautiful Dream Yoga

Utica - January 22nd at 1 pm

           - May 7 at 1 pm

Acroyoga is a practice of awareness of how we connect with others, to breathe with them, move with them, receive support from them, and empower them. In this workshop we will explore the 5 principles of acroyoga: stacking, tightness, counterbalance, timing and communication. These principles provide you a starting point for the practice of acroyoga or some insight into refining your practice. At class you can expect a yoga based warm-up, partner drills, and the introduction of acroyoga poses and transitions.

Whether you are hearing about acro for the first time, or have some experience already, this workshop is for you! Expect to go upside down, get a workout and laugh!

Cost: Pre-register up until 1/18 for only $20!
1/18 and after price increases to $30

*You can pre-register one of two ways: 
-email/paypal to
-or in person at Beautiful Dream Yoga 2007 Genesee St, Utica, NY 13501

If you have any questions please feel free to email


Contact us to arrange special classes and events for AcroYoga and Slackline Yoga!  Check our blog or like Team WillCo on Facebook to see special public events.